Karate as a sport

Sensei Caroline Hart is a second dan Shotokan black belt karate instructor and has been teaching adults and children for over 20 years. Before getting into coaching she was on the Kenya national karate team and competed internationally for many years with great success.

Shotokan Karate is a Japanese system of martial arts in which hands and feet are used in both attack and defence.

If you have a sporting inclination, you can test your karate skills against others in a safe and controlled environment. There are tournaments and demonstrations for those who want to compete.

Karate as a sport requires discipline, constant mental alertness and agility and this is particularly valuable for children.

Karate as Self Defense

Regardless of size, strength or gender, anyone can effectively defend themselves. Self defence techniques are fun to learn and a great way to exercise. They could also save your life. Self defence skills start with situational awareness and conflict avoidance. Caroline has trained many students living in very hazardous areas and none of her students has ever been assaulted.

Even the smallest karateka has within them the power to deliver a devastating blow to any would-be attacker.

Karate is especially effective for women and girls and greatly increases self-confidence and self image.

The benefits of Karate.

Karate tones the body, develops coordination, quickens reflexes and builds stamina. The study and practice of karate develops composure, clearer thinking, a deeper insight into your mental capabilities and more self-confidence.

Skill in Karate is not only an end in itself, but a means to encourage the keen coordination of mind and body.